Montana NDAA Nullification Bill Assigned to Senate Committee

Montana NDAA Nullification Assigned to Senate Committee, will be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee

Montana Representative Nick Schwaderer helped author the Montana NDAA Nullification HB 522

Montana Representative Nick Schwaderer helped author the Montana NDAA Nullification HB 522

A bill authored by Republicans in the Montana House of Representatives including Representative Nick Schwaderer (HD 14) has already passed the House and is well on its way to the Senate for a vote. Before that can happen, however, HB 522 now needs the Senate Judiciary Committee to hear and approve the bill which has gathered much sponsorship from civil rights groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Oath Keepers.

Since the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was signed by President Obama in 2012, even though he said he would most likely not sign it into law, many Democrats in the Montana state congress had been on the fence with regards to support for the bill. The Montana NDAA Nullification bill, if made into an act, would hex a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act which allows for US citizens to be detained indefinitely by the US Military without warrant or trial. However, many democrats ended up supporting the legislation in the House since the ACLU gave its public support in committee and in other briefings.

Opponents of the HB 522 claim that the bill will strip the military of important budget appropriations and strengthen Al Qaeda. Representative Schwaderer has claimed that this piece of legislation leaves the military budget alone while stripping the Unconstitutional measures that it gives the president in the war on terror.

Schwaderer’s bill is expected to appear for a Senate vote and to be on the desk of Governor Steve Bullock soon.

In presenting the bill on its second reading, Schwaderer claimed his motivation in introducing the bill was not to just make a statement, but to get something done,

“I thought, how can we deal with this and not have it be some kind of letter to Santa Claus?”

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